Romance Novel Plot Template Cheatsheet

Following on from our Mystery Plot Template Cheatsheet, which was following on from our Universal Storyline plot template, we are pleased to present the Romance Plot Template Cheatsheet!

This has been collated from various sources throughout the Internet.

As always, this is only intended to be a launching pad to get you started on the right track.

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And once again, here it is as text for your convenience:

Act One

1. Introduce the protagonist (who feels incomplete)

2. Protagonist meets love interest but there is conflict

3. Characters are forced to spend time together

4. Characters’ goals are at cross purposes

Act Two

5. Characters are bound together in a situation (sexual tension occurs)

6. Protagonist’s individual desire conflicts with the growing relationship

7. Crisis – shift to prioritize relationship ends in disaster

Act Three

8. Climax – protagonist must make personal sacrifice for ultimately fulfilling relationship