The Novel Formula - Overview of a Creative Writing Method


The Novel Formula is a creative writing method designed to bring together established fiction-writing theory, useful practical advice and all the major story elements, in order to help new writers learn their craft at the same time as completing their first novel.

The Formula works on the principle that good fiction novels which sell want are gripping, satisfying, and contain believable, interesting characters.

The Novel Formula uses a carefully structured step-by-step approach to build all the critical elements in a practical, relational way - allowing the characters, plot, situation, opponents and disaster to influence each other and evolve together as the novel is planned, drafted and edited.

The Formula assumes minimum prior knowledge, so if you're already familiar with many of the principles of creative writing, you may wish to skip some of the theory.

Each step contains an achievable task which builds on the last, and includes introductions and explanations of the common features of fiction writing which sells, and examples for clarification.
These are the fifteen steps:
      1. The backbone - aka. The Premise
      2. The skeleton - aka. The Universal Storyline
      3. Character Introductions
      4. Short Synopsis
      5. Character Viewpoints
      6. Extended Synopsis
      7. Full Character Profiles
      8. Head Scenes and Tail Scenes
      9. Settings
      10. Advanced Plotting
      11. Scene Blocking
      12. Draft One
      13. Weather, Time, Senses
      14. Draft Two
      15. Final Draft
      If you've followed all the steps and adhered to most of the theory, at the end of the steps, you should have a manuscript in excellent shape - ready to submit to literary agents!

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