2. Examples of the Universal Storyline

The Novel Formula - Step Two Examples

Here are some examples of the Universal Storyline in some of the most popular movies and books.

Read more about the Universal Storyline here.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

Star Wars 

The Matrix 

The Lion King 


Harry's life with his aunt. Uncle and cousin 

Luke is living with his aunt and uncle 

Neo is working in a boring job 

Simba's idyllic world 

Call to Action 

Invitation to Hogwarts 

Princess Leia's message 

Follow the White Rabbit 

Nala tells him of Scar's bad ruling 

Crossing the threshold 

The train to Hogwarts 

Family home destroyed 

Neo is taken out of the matrix for the first time 

Leaves Timon and Pumbaa to return to Pride Rock 
Mentor teaches the lead 

Lots of lessons and discussion with Dumbledore 

Obi Wan Kenobi teaches 

Morpheus explains 

Rafiki bops him on the head 

First challenge 

Troll in the toilet 

Trash Compactor 

Battle with Agent Smith 



Harry becomes addicted to the Mirror's visions 

Luke is tempted by the Dark side 

Live in the illusion of the matrix 

Give up the throne to Scar 

Dark moment 

Harry realises the Philosopher's Stone isn't safe and Dumbledore is away 

Obi Wan killed 

Morpheus is tortured 

Tells everyone he is responsible for his father's death 

Final conflict 

The trials to reach the stone 

Battle with the death star 

Subway battle 

Fight with Scar 

Return home 

Returns to the Dursleys house 

Luke is rewarded with medals 

Neo speaks to the awoken masses 

The circle of life continues