4. Writing a Short Synopsis for your First Novel

The Novel Formula - A Novel Writing Method: Step Four

The Short Synopsis

By now you should have a basic premise, a strong story arc and some information about your characters. If you haven't, check out the previous steps.

Next we're going to write a short synopsis of the story. Re-read your premise to make sure it's solid in your mind, then take your skeleton and expand it into a full page with each sentence turning into a paragraph.

Keep in mind your characters and make sure what you're plotting for them to do sounds like something they would actually do.

Evolving your story in this way offers two major benefits:
  • You avoid writing a rambling first draft with countless pointless scenes that end up needing to be cut
  • When you get to writing your first draft you won't spend half the time tapping your lip with your pen, wondering what should happen next
The story should really start to take shape at this point, and writing the short synopsis should be a great deal of fun - let your imagination loose.