Testimonials about The Novel Factory

As you may know, this blog is written by the creators of the Novel Factory novel writing software, and shares a lot of the knowledge with that programme. The Novel Factory has been our baby for several years now, as we've worked on the formula, integrated a load of teaching knowledge, put together the guide and developed the software that brings it all together.

We launched recently, and already have had some really fantastic feedback. We're usually not ones to blow our own trumpets, but we're so chuffed with some of the comments we've had, because it feels like we're really achieving our aim of creating genuinely useful software for novelists, that we'd like to share some of the things we've heard.

If you haven't tried the software yet, you should know it's completely free for 30 days, so why not give it a go? You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

"I have achieved more in the past two months than in the previous two years, using your program and would recommend it to anyone."

"It is a worthwhile program that would work for a beginning writer as well as a more seasoned professional. Well done!"

“I love how the scenes are linked to the characters. That feature of being able to go through and really think about and record what each character is doing at any given moment is wonderful!”

“I really liked the way it broke down the writing process and got me thinking about each section of my story. I tend to rush in with the start and know my end but don't put any thought into how to get there. I like having to write a synopsis of each section.” 


  1. Congratulations on your launch of the product. I just downloaded the free trial... it does say 7 days only rather than 30 days as you mentioned above.
    Anyway, I am just learning about novel writing and have read some books. So I'm going to give Novel Factory a try.

  2. Ah yes, the trial is 7 days now - to help people avoid procrastinating! The info in the article above is out of date. Hope you enjoy the software.