Ten short story ideas for your inspiration

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some of my favourite inspirational ideas for writing a short story:

  1.  Find a poem and rewrite it as a story. (If you’re having trouble finding a poem, search for ‘The Nation’s Favourite Poems’ and browse through) 
  2. Choose a limerick and turn that into a full blown story. (Search for Edward Lear for the master of limericks and delightful nonsense)
  3.  Ask five random people to give you a noun, an adjective, a verb, colour and a random object, and write a story that incorporates them all. (or search for an online random word generator) 
  4. Write a single scene story which describes one of your most painful of embarrassing memories. (the more painful it is for you to write, the better)
  5.  Read synopses of poorly rated movies and base your story on one. (You can browse Netflix – even if you’re not a member – or browse the DVDs in the library or rental store – assuming those places still exist…) 
  6.  Open a book at a random page, find the first new sentence and use that as the first line of your story. (Or just use it somewhere if you’re feeling wishy washy)
  7. Write a story about change from the point of view of a fruit. (Or a plant or an item that is sitting on your desk) 
  8. Write a story about loss from the point of view of your youngest child (regardless of whether you have any children).
  9. Write a story about a terrible crime from the point of view of the criminal, so the reader sympathises with them. The greater the level of sympathy and empathy, the better. 
  10. Find an idiom, such as ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ and write a fable to explain the ‘origin’ of the phrase.
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