Moving from the Creative Flow to the Technical Edit (Guest Post)

You know how much we at The Novel Factory like processes and automating things that can be automated in order to save all that brainjuice for the most important (and fun) creative endeavours?

Well, we've found some kindred spirits over at ProWritingAid. These guys are experts when it comes to the technical edit.

Their app analyses your text and isolates where your writing might be improved for readability, fluency and accuracy

ProWriting Aid won’t find your plot holes or come up with that breathtaking metaphor you crave but it will find your overly complicated sentences, your weak verbs, your longwinded pages of backstory and so much more.

Pssst - use the code FACTORY to get 40% off the Premium version of ProWriting Aid (expires December 10th). Or you can just give it a go for free. 

I’ve asked the Editor of their blog, Lisa Lepki, to give us some pro-tips.  Here is what she said:

Moving from the Creative Flow to the Technical Edit

By Lisa Lepki